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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Class Dates

I have the new class dates all scheduled, so get out your calendars.  The Emergency Evacuation classes that were scheduled for June have been postponed to August and the Spiritual Preparedness classes that were scheduled for July have been moved to September.

So this is the schedule for the summer:
Saturday, June 19th at 8 am - hands-on gardening at my house, I will send out a flier
July - solar oven cooking class (I am still working on the date, I will have that soon.)
August - Class #4 - Emergency Evacuations and every other type of emergencies
      13th - Daisy Mountain Bldg @ 7 pm
      20th - Stake Center @ 7 pm
      27th - Happy Valley Bldg @ 7 pm
September - Class #5 - Spiritual Preparedness, the most important in which if you are not spiritually prepared for the trials in life, sometimes all your other preparations won't matter.
     10th - Daisy Mountain Bldg @ 7pm
     17th - Stake Center @ 7pm
     24th - Happy Valley Bldg @ 7pm

I am working on the recipe page which I should be able to post live in a day or two.  I can't wait till school is out and I can devote more of my time to this calling!

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